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We offer audio, caption, and subtitle transcription as part of our services.

Sometimes watching a video can be a lot to take in, especially if you’re a student attempting to review a lecture for a test. Students who use our transcription services will be able to comprehend the lecture and repeatedly refer to the audio. This service also offers captions and subtitles for videos to post on social media, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

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The main difference between captions and subtitles is that captions describe everything, including background noise and special needs captions.

However, the subtitles typically do not capture every noise detail because they are intended for persons whose hearing is fine but who have trouble understanding a language.

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Services for people who require speech-to-text content:

Audio Transcription Services

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  • Transcribed interview data
  • Academic transcriptionist
  • Transcribe podcast audio
  • Transcribe meeting minutes

Caption and Subtitles Services

Almost 80% of people watch videos with the sound off even in private. Captions and Subtitles help in improving the viewership. It’s necessary to include closed captions in videos as part of the production process. English captions increase the accessibility of videos by allowing deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers to read spoken words on-screen.

  • Social media videos
  • Film captioning services
  • Educational videos
  • Informative Videos
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