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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a content writer is determined by the nature of your task. The price is decided based on the number of words, pages, and research needed to complete your project.

Only the top writers are available at Writer’s Wing to match your needs. Send an email to info@synctal.writerwing.com or start a chat with us to hire a content writer, and one of our qualified writers will be assigned to work on your project.

Any company with a website needs content to rank higher in search results, get found by the intended audience, and eventually convert leads into customers.

Our Project Manager will be in contact with you regarding your project. Feel free to contact her any time to know where your project stands.

It takes about five business days (beginning after receiving the payment); however, if you want us to write your website content, it can take longer. Keep checking on your project since we provide real-time information on its details and progress.

50% of the payment must be received at the time of the order and the rest after the completion of the project.